Yogi Shyamasundara

Yogi Shyamasundara

Yogi Shyamasundara

Yogi Shyamasundara

A Brief History

With over 32 years of meditation experience and 19 years of intense spiritual training with enlightened masters, Yogi Shyamasundara is a mystic yogi and servant of Sri Narayana Krishna, whose life is solely dedicated to guiding souls to higher states of enlightened consciousness and oneness with God through Self-Realization.  Yogi Shyamasundara has been serving humanity since 2004.

From a very young age, Yogi Shyamasundara exhibited a deep connection with God and mystic occurrences were common around him.  His parents tell us that when Yogi Shyamasundara was just 3 years old, he'd sit in front of a large picture of Saint Jude in his bedroom and would talk, laugh, and play for hours in front of it.  One day, curious to find out what he was doing that kept him so entertained, his parents peeked through the door and found that whenever he pushed his toy car towards the picture of Saint Jude, the car would stop, turn around on its own and would return back to him.  Surprised and intrigued to find how this was happening, they entered the bedroom to identify the cause of this phenomenon.  They say Yogi Shyamasundara immediately scolded them and said, "You made Tata go away!"  When his parents inquired what he meant by this, he pointed to the picture of St. Jude and explained that 'Tata' (his word for God) comes out to play with him.  Determined to find a rational explanation, they tried to replicate this phenomena but were unable to do so.  They personally witnessed this time and again for about a year.

His mother also tells of another incident when Yogi Shyamasundara was just a few months old.  One evening she stepped out to the corner store while Yogi Shyamasundara was asleep.  When she returned 10 minutes later, she noticed the light in the bedroom was on which she had turned off before she left.  As she got closer, she realized that it wasn't a house light, but appeared like a fire inside the house.  At that moment, she dropped the bag of groceries, yelled for help as she thought the house was on fire, and ran into the house to rescue Yogi Shyamasundara, but when she entered the bedroom there was no fire at all, instead a golden light permeated the room which immediately entered Yogi Shyamasundara's body and the room became pitch black again. 

Just as unusual are the stories his mother relates about Yogi Shyamasundara's birth.  For example, Yogi Shyamasundara's parents say that they heard him laugh a couple of times while he was still in his mother's womb.  At first his father didn't believe his wife.  But on one occasion, while getting ready for bed, Yogi Shyamasundara laughed loudly inside her womb and it startled his father.  His wife said, "See!  I tell you your son is laughing inside me."  Concerned for their child's wellbeing, they went to the doctor, but the doctor had no clue why Yogi Shyamasundara was laughing, and had trouble believing this phenomenon was happening. 

Furthermore, Yogi Shyamasundara grew in the womb in such an unusual position, that his mother never showed a belly.  She laughs when she recollects that even on Yogi Shyamasundara's birth day, she was wearing tight bell bottoms and a shirt her father had given her when she was only 16 years old (she was 24 then).  When she arrived at the hospital, the staff didn't believe she was in labor, because she showed no belly.  Friends would often comment, "You can't be pregnant. What are you having a mouse?!".  Even more unusual, is the story she tells of only having two contractions.  The first one signaled her that she was going into labor, the second one was from pushing the baby out.  She said her labor was so easy, that she wondered why women made such a big deal about having children (a pain she said she would clearly understand on having her 2nd and 3rd children, as she almost died giving birth to her 2nd son, and her 3rd child was born 3 months premature).  She relates that 45 minutes after giving birth to Yogi Shyamasundara, she was showered, dressed, and was ready to go.  When Yogi Shyamasundara's father arrived at the hospital from work, he was shocked that his wife had already given birth and was ready to go home.  Next to her was a healthy 7.5lbs baby boy.  Yogi Shyamasundara's parents also share that their son was an unusually peaceful baby, who didn't cry and didn't wake them at night.  Instead, his father explains that whenever Yogi Shyamasundara needed something, he would give out a very soft whimper.  So softly, that his parents had to keep his crib right next to their bed, as they were concerned they wouldn't hear him when he needed something.

By age 3, Yogi Shyamasundara wanted to be a priest or a monk because he wished to serve God.  An answer his parents were shocked to hear and found very rare in a child that age.  But Yogi Shyamasundara had a deep yearning to connect with God and felt very much at home in all places of worship, leading him to sneak out of his home to attend church by himself as a child of 10.  Yogi Shyamasundara relates that he was deeply moved and inspired by the lives of saints as he aspired to be a saint himself.  And though Yogi Shyamasundara was raised Catholic, he believed from a young age that all religions expressed different aspects of God and that by studying all religions we could better understand God. 

His parents also tell us that Yogi Shyamasundara had a wisdom beyond his age, a profound interest in spiritual matters, and a deep compassion for people and animals.  As a young boy he would sit and listen to people's problems compassionately for hours and was known to continuously rescue abandoned and injured animals from the street.  When Yogi Shyamasundara was four years old, he was taken to a bullfight.  Angry to see how the bull was treated, he quickly ran down the bleachers, collected seat cushions from the stands, and while the crowds cheered, he instead booed the bullfighter and threw cushions at him while yelling, "Assassin! Assassin!"  Shocked by this response his parents had no choice but to leave the arena.  

At 8 years old, Yogi Shyamasundara had learned to control the temperature of his body using his mind. He tells us he would put his head on his desk at school and would meditate on fire. He would hold on to the feeling of fire until he'd get a headache. When the headache attained a certain intensity, he knew it was time to go to the nurse.  Time and again, the nurse would find that he had a fever and would send him home.  He accomplished this feat over and over, but stopped when his parents started to administer injections.   

At the age of 10, Yogi Shyamasundara entered a contest to win a giant Christmas stocking full of toys. He told his mother that he would pray and meditate everyday to win so that he could take these toys to homeless children across the border in Mexico. True to his word, he won, and personally delivered the toys to children living on the streets on Christmas day.  Even though Yogi Shyamasundara's family was poor and could not afford gifts for themselves, he refused to keep the toys and happily gave them away to these children.  

By age 10, Yogi Shyamasundara began meditating on his own, without formal instruction.  A practice he loved and would continue religiously for the rest of his life.  About this time Yogi Shyamasundara began training in martial arts with an 8th degree black belt master.  This master introduced Yogi Shyamasundara to disciplined practices of body, mind and soul.  Yogi Shyamasundara instantly fell in love with the discipline of martial arts.

Between the ages of 11 and 18, Yogi Shyamasundara was deeply spiritual, meditated constantly, was deeply in love with God, and had visions and dreams of saints and holy sages.  At about 15 years old, Yogi Shyamasundara was taken to see a well-known clairvoyant, who had a true gift to see the past lives of others and predict their future.  This clairvoyant gave a reading to each member of his family.  Yogi Shyamasundara was the last to go.  As he sat in front of her, the clairvoyant immediately looked away and exclaimed, "I can't see anything!  Your son's light is too bright.  I can't see anything at all.  He is a very special boy!  Very spiritual!"  She sat there staring at him in awe. 

By age 17, Yogi Shyamasundara found he could expound Buddhist dharma and teachings to others in very simple ways.  He taught peers to meditate and influenced them academically and spiritually.  It is not surprising that he was voted most likely to succeed and most likely to become a priest.  It was during this time that Yogi Shyamasundara convinced his English teacher, Mr. Santaella, a great man with several PhDs and Masters, who only needed a couple of hours of sleep a night due to his deep meditation practices, to personally teach him meditation.  This teacher became a great source of spiritual wisdom, inspiration, and esoteric meditation practices.

Aside from his spiritual inclinations, Yogi Shyamasundara also excelled academically and was always top of his class.  He graduated Salutatorian and also excelled as a musician, playing violin and trumpet.  He was invited and enrolled at USC in 1994, where he sought to major in Psychology and Premed, wishing to become a doctor.

Yet despite his achievements, Yogi Shyamasundara didn't feel that they provided him with a true sense of fulfillment and he became deeply dissatisfied with academic and worldly life.  This led him down a dark journey of depression, disconnection from the world, and drug use.  To further exacerbate this condition, his grandfather's death caused him to question the purpose of life altogether. 

He tells us, "I was feeling so confused.  Wondering why are we here?  What is the purpose of life?  What is the point to all this?  We are born, we learn things, we go to school, learn more, go to college, learn more, get a degree.  Then we embark on a career to make money, find someone to spend the rest of our life with, have a family, raise the family, and when it is all over, retire and then die.  Nothing made sense to me anymore and I wanted to run far away, but there was nowhere to go.  It all seemed so futile and meaningless.  I didn't see the point of working so hard for a world that we leave behind when we die.  I even contemplated suicide, but I couldn't put my family and friends through that pain.  Then I remember one meaningful day that would touch my life.  As I was going up the escalator and out of the subway, I looked at the people coming down the escalator on the other side.  Most were dressed in business attire and seemed very prosperous, but their faces were so serious and their eyes were distant and sad.  They looked tired and beaten.  Lifeless inside.  Like an assembly of robots.  I looked for a smile, for a sign of happiness, but I couldn't find it.  All I could see were beaten souls, doing what they had to do to make a living, to get through life.  They were surviving just fine, but they were not living.  I felt so sad for them and was afraid that I too would end up like them.  It became very clear to me that everything I was told was a lie, an illusion.  That happiness did not come from success, money, degrees or relationships.  That if I truly wanted to be happy, I had to look somewhere else.  So after 3 years of college, I left school, no longer interested in the prescribed and traditional journey.  In 1999, a couple of years later, I embarked on a intense spiritual journey to discover all that I could about the meaning of life.  I prayed to God everyday to help me understand and often cried myself to sleep for not having the answer.  It was in that intense yearning for truth, in that feeling of helplessness, that my spiritual journey started to flower in mysterious ways.  Through Divine Grace, path after path began to appear and mystical states opened within me as I devoted my life to serving and studying with spiritual masters of various traditions."   

The journey led Yogi Shyamasundara to monasteries in India, Germany, England, and the USA where he received enlightenment blessings, initiations, & teachings from enlightened masters. Through their kindness, he experienced the state of divine consciousness.

Yogi Shyamasundara tells us, "The processes and blessings of my kind gurus, opened doors of consciousness I could have never imagined, and lead me to sublime spiritual states that are utterly blissful.  I began to experience unconditional love for the first time, happiness without a reason, peace even in the midst of chaos, and mystic states that no words can describe.  Life began to have meaning again.  I felt alive and was excited to discover more about myself and my relationship with God each day.  I started to heal from my past, and every experience led to a deeper connection with God, life, and all living beings."

Yogi Shyamasundara received the first darshan (direct vision) of Lord Krishna in 2000, when Krishna's face appeared to him in the sky as he waited for the bus.  Yogi Shyamasundara explains that Lord Krishna said nothing to him, but smiled so sweetly.  He relates that he immediately jumped up from his seat and walked like a madman through the streets of downtown LA wanting to reach Krishna, but it was like chasing a rainbow.  Krishna then disappeared.  However,  this beautiful vision deeply established a permanent relationship between him and Lord Krishna.  From that day forward, Krishna's presence would become a constant appearance in Yogi Shyamasundara's life. 

Later Yogi Shyamasundara received the darshan of Christ, Divine Mother, Buddha, Kali, Durga, Saraswati, Vajrayoginni, Guadalupe, Vajrasattva, Isis, Medicine Buddha, Vishnu, but above all Krishna, whose number of darshans he's lost count by now. 

In 2005, Yogi Shyamasundara enrolled in intensive clinical past-life regression training in the Dr. Morris Netherton technique.  As part of the training, each student must experience a past-life regression session under the supervision of the instructor.  The day Yogi Shyamasundara underwent his past life regression, the main representative for the Netherton institute was there to supervise. 

Yogi Shyamasundara's regression memories began in his mother's womb, and he spoke of the "Light" he was experiencing.  At first, the regressionist and the supervisor thought that perhaps he was remembering the flashlight of a doctor inspecting his mother's uterus during pregnancy, but Yogi Shyamasundara quickly replied that it was God's Light.  Despite several attempts in the process to see if something else was there, all lead to the same conclusion, that he was enveloped in the Light of God and was very blissful.  An interesting account, considering his mother's story of Yogi Shyamasundara laughing in her womb during her pregnancy.  As Yogi Shyamasundara was clinically regressed further, instead of jumping to a previous life, he began to tell his extraordinary story of his coming to this Earth.  He recalled the astral world of holy beings he came from, of which all had golden light bodies.  He was one of five buddha-like beings in that world responsible for the care of living beings.  There was great concern for the suffering of Earth's living beings, and a profound discussion arouse among the five beings as to what could be done to alleviate their suffering.  Yogi Shyamasundara began to cry intensely during his regression at the plight of the world and the suffering of humanity.  He remembered seeing a thin veil of darkness around human beings, who at the same time were surrounded by an infinite ocean of God's Light.  Because of this veil, the people of this world couldn't experience God's Light.  As such, they suffer in darkness, they forget their divinity, and believe themselves to be separate from God.  In his divine form, he knew how to remove this veil of delusion and as such volunteered to come for the sake of humanity.  He told, with extraordinary detail, what his divine world was like, and even what they wore, including tall golden crowns like that of Lord Vishnu.  When he returned from his regression, his face drenched with tears of compassion, he opened his eyes to a room of shocked faces filled with tender love, from the students, and supervisors who were witness to this sacred regression and marvelous story. 

In the few years that followed, Yogi Shyamasundara had the many unusual circumstances happen to him.  For example, in a major spiritual training, while laying his hands on a woman to bless her, the lady jumped off of the table, and pulled him out of the hall.  She broke down crying in front of him, and asked, "Do you know who you are?  Do you remember?"  She said, "When you put your hands on me, thousands of Buddhas appeared and offered their blessings through you!  It was incredible!  Do you know who you are?"  Then she knelt on the floor in front of him and said, "Thank you for coming here.  Thank you for coming to help all humanity.  We are so fortunate to have you here with us!"  Yogi Shyamasundara, surprised by this devotional affection, asked her to please stand up as she kept weeping intensely with gratitude at his feet.  He later found out that this lady was a well-known clairvoyant and had a reputation for her gift. 

Soon after that, the Buddhist master, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, General Spiritual Director of the Kadampa tradition, out of the blue privately approached Yogi Shyamasundara one day and said to him, "You know Shyamasundara, sometimes a Boddhisattva is born, but due to his karma, he doesn't remember that he's a great Boddhisattva.  Soon when that karma is cleared, he will remember."  Then she smiled and walked away.  Yogi Shyamasundara stood there surprised contemplating why she had said that to him. 

Then on July 4, 2006, after he had just offered initiations as a gift to his disciples for his birthday, Yogi Shyamasundara chanted and meditated intensely on his beloved Lord Krishna.  Suddenly, the glorious Sri Krishna appeared to Yogi Shyamasundara and revealed how to transmit the holy blessings of any form of God to bless humanity.  Lord Krishna then dissolved into Light, entered through Yogi Shyamasundara's crown, and dissolved into him.  Immediately, Yogi Shyamasundara saw a multitude of God's forms appear before him, including various forms of Divine Mother, Christ, Buddha, Ganesha, Shiva, Medicine Buddha, and many divine emanations, who one by one, dissolved into Light and entered into Yogi Shyamasundara's body.  He describes this sacred experience as intense blissful downloads of Shakti (God's power).  Due to Yogi Shyamasundara's deep love for God, intense sadhana, and sincere service to humanity, from that day forward, Yogi Shyamasundara was given the divine gift to bless others with God's Shakti.  It was a profound experience of God's grace, an initiation from Sri Narayana Krishna himself, given to Yogi Shyamasundara as a divine gift to bless humanity. 

Yogi Shyamasundara - Early Years

From that day forward, Yogi Shyamasundara was given a profound gift to bless humanity through any divine manifestation of God that he requests bless through him.  Thus no matter what spiritual tradition the disciple comes from, God offers blessings through Yogi Shyamasundara according to the personal aspect of God most meaningful to that soul.  Several who received this darshan (blessings of God) began to report experiences of God appearing to them and even speaking with them.  Yogi Shyamasundara offers this blessed gift of  Darshan free of charge to all sincere seekers of God within.

Soon after, Yogi Shyamasundara received the darshan of his Supreme Atman (Soul).  A direct experience that lasted non-stop for months, not just in meditation but in his day to day affairs.  He explains, "It was a conscious Light of unimaginable Love that went on inside me and permanently changed the way I would approach spirituality. Its bliss was so profound that I found myself in such high states of consciousness that I would lose myself and fall and roll on the ground in ecstatic bliss many times for long periods of time, even at places like stores and at work.  I couldn't control the immensity of spontaneous bliss flowing through me.  It wasn't long before I started to fall into deep states of emptiness and bliss.  I often say the greatest darshan I received from the Lord was not in form, but as emptiness and bliss.  Even when my Atman manifested in my inner space, I still felt separated from it.  But in emptiness and bliss, in divine consciousness, I am everything, and yet nothing at all.  There is no me, no other, no doing, everything just is.  It is truly sublime!" 

In August 2006, while undergoing sacred processes in India, Yogi Shyamasundara experienced spiritual awakenings and realizations.  God then spoke to him and said, "You are the greatest story ever told!  Nothing more and nothing less.  This story is my gift to you."

These experiences profoundly shifted the way Yogi Shyamasundara would see the world again.  It was a divine awakening to the Truth he had been seeking.   He says, "It was a profound awakening where I instantly understood that life cannot be understood. It can only be experienced. In that experience lies the end to all your life questions and the bliss of your Supreme Self.  Everything in life is in perfect order.  Happiness comes when we allow ourselves to surrender to the present moment for what it is and not be obsessed in what we want it to be.  Suffering is simple to understand.  It is the resistance to life as it is.  This resistance creates a gap between what we want in life and what life is giving us instead.  Drop this gap and your suffering is gone!  Suffering can be healed by having gratitude for what we have right now.  For what we have right now, whether we realize it or not, is a gift from God.  When we lovingly accept our lives, great peace and happiness naturally arises.  Things come and go, but we remain peaceful and blissful.  Our faith becomes stronger and we move with a fluidity that is truly sublime.  So accept everything, resist nothing, including yourselves and others.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't try to change our lives for the better.  Please do.  Just realize we're not the director.  We are the actors.  We can suggest many ideas for our role in this play of life, but ultimately it is God, the director, who will decide whether or not to change His story.  So please trust your life, for you are never alone.  God is always within you, playing with his life story."  


Yogi Shyamasundara - Early Years India


Deeply moved to end the suffering of humanity, Yogi Shyamasundara also dedicated himself to learning everything he could on how to heal others at the encouragement of the enlightened master, Sri Amritanandamayi.  This enlightened master not only encouraged, but blessed Yogi Shyamasundara to become a healer for humanity.  Inspired to become a master healer, he studied with world renowned healers for over 10 years.  At his first healer initiation, the teacher approached Yogi Shyamasundara and asked if he knew a lady named Amma.  Surprised by that question, he responded that Amma was his guru.  She proceeded to say, that this lady dressed all in white appeared to her during the initiation, said she was Amma, and told her that she would initiate Yogi Shyamasundara herself.     

In April 2007, Yogi Shyamasundara resigned from his job at Self-Realization Fellowship to recover from a serious spinal injury. It was at this time that the great enlightened master Sri Karunamayi told Yogi Shyamasundara, "My son, do you know that you're a sage? You should know that you're a great sage son! You have been a Rishi in previous lifetimes and have helped many souls. You're a sage son... a great sage!  You must know this son.  A great sage."  Rishi means a "divine seer of God", a "mystic sage".  Yogi Shyamasundara responded, "Mother I want to help humanity attain God and enlightenment."  Sri Karunamayi smiled and responded, "Yes. You will son." 

Humbled & inspired by this message, in January 2008, Yogi Shyamasundara fulfilled his wish to establish a spiritual tradition for God and enlightenment, Moksha Marga, with the desire that people from all faiths could come together to experience deep states of  divine spiritual consciousness and oneness with God within.  A holy tradition that upheld the sacred yogic science of enlightenment, a place to receive holy blessings, and the wisdom he had received from his spiritual masters and directly from God through his direct experiences of Truth and enlightenment. 


Yogi Shyamasundara - Early Years First Center


Though the severe pain of his spinal injury made this a most challenging feat, Yogi Shyamasundara pushed forward relentlessly to establish this center for the sake of all beings.  And despite the many reports from doctors, neurosurgeons, and chiropractors stating that Yogi Shyamasundara would remain permanently disabled and insisted he undergo surgery, Yogi Shyamasundara worked relentlessly to heal his back through divine processes that attract God's blessings.  In this way, his back miraculously healed without surgery. 

Yogi Shyamasundara says this about healing his spinal injury:

"This injury was the most painful experience of my life.  And to be honest, I didn't do well at first.  The pain was excruciating.  I couldn't put my own socks and underwear on.  I couldn't even go to the restroom by myself.  I couldn't lift anything, could barely sit for a few minutes at a time, and couldn't drive.  I couldn't sleep because the pain woke me up all night long.  To make matters worse, my employer was unsympathetic and forced me to return back to work despite the immense pain. Consequently, I decided to leave my employment to recover from this injury.  So I was jobless, physically handicapped with relentless pain, and emotionally distressed by this turn of events as doctor upon doctor kept telling me that I needed surgery and that even then, I might not get better but worse.  I kept hearing words like "permanently disabled", "might lose your ability to walk", and was given a permanent and stationary disabled status by doctors.  Then I reflected on all that had been revealed to me in my spiritual journey, and I became determined to prove that these timeless spiritual sciences really do work.  I wanted to prove through my own life and body the validity of the sacred science of the holy sages.  I was committed to healing my body and become the example of what God can do for us.  So little by little my back got better.  And before long, I had accomplished what I was told was impossible.  Without any surgery or medical therapy, my back was healed and I returned to a normal life.  I won't say that my back is 100% healed, but I can say it is 95% better.  It is a magnificent improvement!  That is the beauty of life.  We can use our suffering and turn it into a source of power.  We can use our past hurts and turn them into a source of compassion, love, healing, and forgiveness.  Our past only disempowers us, if we give it the power to do so.  So choose wisely my dears. You are more powerful than the residue of your past experiences or any disease in the body, despite what anyone says.  All we need is to reconnect with our divinity, and allow God the opportunity to work on us.  When we abide in such spiritual states, divine miracles are not only certainly possible, but common occurrence.  I am honored to show you the way."

Around 2009, the enlightened master, Master Sha, was offering karma purification services.  However, in order to receive this divine service, one had to apply and receive permission from God.  If one did not receive God's permission, Master Sha could not offer the karmic purification to that soul.  Yogi Shyamasundara applied to be considered, but received an unusual message from the institute.  So he called the institute to further inquire about his application.  Master Sha's assistant explained they received his application, but Master Sha had said Yogi Shyamasundara's karma was too light and didn't need that service; that Yogi Shyamasundara was a karma free soul.  

A few years later, Sri Karunamayi told Yogi Shyamasundara, "Son, you don't need a guru in a human body.  Shiva (God) is now your guru.  You will attain Moksha (liberation and enlightenment) in this lifetime.  This is your last lifetime son.  You will not be returning again to this world."  Yogi Shyamasundara immediately responded with deep concern and compassion, "Thank you Mother.  But it is not enough for me to be enlightened alone when so many souls are suffering in the world, I want to liberate all beings too.  I want all souls to be enlightened."  Sri Karunamayi then gently smiled and they shared a long moment of silence.  Yogi Shyamasundara humbly understood and accepted that his work in this world was now done after many lifetimes of serving humanity.

Her Holiness Sri Karunamayi formally ordained Yogi Shyamasundara as a bona fide Yogi, as per the ancient Vedic yogic tradition, to authentically uphold the holy science of enlightenment and share it with humanity.  She formally initiated Yogi Shyamasundara to initiate humanity into the supreme mantras of enlightenment, Ashtakshara Mantra (Narayana Mantra) and Gayatri Mantra.  She also met with him privately to authenticate all of his Shaligramas (divine emanations of Sri Lakshmi Narayana).  Amma expressed she had never seen a Shaligrama collection as incredible as his and said she was amazed that he had many rare Shaligramas, including a Shaligrama she had only read about in scriptures but had never seen in person.  She said, "Saligramas don't just come to anyone son.  God loves you so much!  This is incredible son!"  Then She offered Her blessings to fulfill Yogi Shyamasundara's humble wish to establish, for the benefit of the world, the first exclusive Shaligrama temple outside of India, and only the second one in the world.  Amma said, "Son, you will build this Saligram temple!  It will be very special.  We will build this Saligrama temple son.  The second Saligrama temple will be in America."  The first Shaligrama temple (Srinivas Saligrama Devasthanam) was established in 2017 by Sri Karunamayi in India. 

Yogi Shyamasundara's message for the world is:

"True everlasting fulfillment only happens when we return to our original Divinity that is oneness with God, when the chatter of mind ceases to control our lives and we return back to the Silence of Divine Consciousness. We are more magnificent than we were ever told.  We posses a power of love and divinity that is truly beyond the mind's comprehension. Once we merge with this blissful cosmic ocean of God within, our true Self, we will never need anything again. In this wholeness, there is abundant power, unconditional love, child-like joy, health, prosperity, bliss, and peace for ourselves and to share with others.  This is our true divine essence that allows us to enjoy our Earthly journey in sacred celebration of life each day, free from attachments, desires, and expectations that are unnecessary from one who is truly whole with themselves.  I found the meaning of life through the direct experience of God within me.  You can experience this too, if you only turn to God with love and sincerely practice what this meaningful yogic tradition offers, as many have done for thousands of years.  Eternal ones, you are everything you have been searching for.  God is manifesting as you, as everyone,  as everything that's visible and all that's invisible.  That is why the holy mystic yogis exclaim that there is only oneness, for God is the all pervading reality.  Never stop until we are ever established in this Truth, not as mere philosophy, but as continuous conscious experience and sacred expression in our day to day life.  My sincere wish is that each and every living being may experience this Truth, and as such have humbly dedicated my life to serving God and humanity.  Through these powerful yogic initiations, blessings, meditations and divine processes, the secrets of the holy Rishis, you will find God residing as your true Self, as the all encompassing Divinity.  May all beings be free from all suffering, may all beings never be separated from true everlasting bliss, may all beings reawaken to their divine oneness with God and each other.  I love you so much sweet souls.  Hari Om Tat Sat.  Om Sri Krishna.  Oṁ Namo Nārāyaṇāya."

Spiritual Name

Yogi Shyamasundara's beautiful story on how he received his auspicious spiritual name initiation from Amma: 

"My spiritual name was bestowed by Sri Amritanandamayi, the revered hugging Guru from India and recipient of the United Nations' Gandhi-King Peace Award.  In 2002, waiting to see if Amma, as my spiritual guru at the time, would initiate me with a spiritual name, I sincerely prayed to Krishna, "Oh my Lord Krishna, if I receive a spiritual name today, please let it be you who bestows this name. If it doesn't come from you, I don't want a spiritual name at all. Please prove to me that you are indeed present in Amma."

Then I meditated on Krishna intensely as I inwardly chanted "Krishna" with all of my heart. While I sat there meditating, Amma suddenly called me to her, and with an intense look in her eyes, she initiated me with the spiritual name of "Shyamasundara". Not knowing what the name meant at the time, I asked Swamiji and he said, your name is one of the names of Krishna, it means "Beautiful Krishna".  Amma then immediately said something to him, and Swamiji said to me, Amma says that it means, "He who's as Beautiful as Lord Krishna."

I immediately burst into uncontrollable tears. I suddenly realized that the intense look on Amma's face, the wondrous eyes of Eternity staring back at me, was a personal Krishna Bhava that Amma was gifting me, so that I could gaze into the face of my Lord as my spiritual name was bestowed upon me. Thus fulfilling my desire that Lord Krishna himself be the one to give me a spiritual name.

With a mischievous smile on her face, Amma then shrugged her shoulders and lifted her hands as if saying, "Was that what you wanted?" I laughed blissfully as the immensity of what I had just experienced settled into my being, all the while Amma continued to stare at me mischievously. Amma's demeanor then melted into the sweetness of Divine Mother again and she continued hugging the line of people waiting for her, like nothing had happened.

As I walked back to my spot deeply moved by the experience and humbled by the spiritual name I was given, devotees stopped me along the way to ask, "What was that all about?!" They had witnessed God's Leela, but I had no words to describe the experience.

Profoundly touched by that auspicious occasion, from that day forward I stopped using my given birth name, adopted my spiritual name in all areas of my life, and legally changed my name to "Shyamasundara"."

Years later, Her Holiness Sri Karunamayi formally ordained Shyamasundara as a Yogi, as per the ancient Vedic yogic tradition, to authentically uphold the holy science of enlightenment and share it with humanity.  As per this ordination, Shyamasundara was bestowed the sacred title of 'Yogi' by Sri Karunamayi, and as such he became Yogi Shyamasundara.   


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